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What is Religious Liberty?
 Religious Liberty is succinctly freedom of worship. It is the inherit right to adore, praise, and follow GOD, a god, gods or even goddesses for that matter according to your own  convictions! No human has the right to dictate to another human who, what, where, how and why to worship.  Here in the U.S. that right finds its voice in the 1st amendment of the Constitution which states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."But according to United Nations estimates over 60% of the world does not live like this. These rights have been either stripped away or have never existed.In some countries people who have tried to exercise this right have been denied the basic necessities of life, put in prison, maimed or killed.The soul has become a battleground and the Abundant Life Religious Liberty Committee hopes to lend a voice to this struggle! We believe according to the prophecies of Daniel 8 and Revelation 13 the whole world will lose the right to choose.

Eoles Burist, Damon Gordon, Loretta Jordan, David and Lawanda Muldrow and Leader Tonni Peterson hope to assist you in any way we can to offer encouragement, direction and support during these tumultuous times.  To God be the glory!  Luke 21:34-36

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